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Discover the new Let’s Nibble

A new era at Let’s Nibble restaurant has arrived, and with it comes a new menu, created by our talented chef, Konrad Kowalski. In the new menu, we strongly focus on our love of Polish products, combining them with a modern approach and the highest quality. Our dishes are thoughtful and refined, and are designed to provide a true fine dining experience.

The starters on the menu are the first step to experiencing sharing cuisine in a whole new way. Olives, artisan bread, tartare selections, smoked Scottish salmon or brilliant trufl toast are just some of the offerings that are sure to delight even the most discerning foodies. The iconic pork knuckle doughnut should also not be overlooked, which arouses enthusiasm among guests.

In our main courses, we continue our passion for unique flavors, offering something for everyone. We offer cod with cauliflower, mango and curry, perfectly blending ingredients in one dish. There is also no shortage of flavors, such as roasted cabbage or pork loin, which, however, take on a whole new dimension in our rendition. Importantly, both vegetarians and meat eaters will find something for themselves here.

Delightful pleasures for the palate await dessert. Dark chocolate with nuts and whiskey is a real feast for lovers of intense flavors, as is white chocolate mousse with peach and lemon balm, which melts in the mouth, leaving a feeling of perfection!

At Let’s Nibble, you’ll not only experience unique flavors, but also share them with others. Our sharing dishes are the perfect opportunity to enjoy dishes together in an unusual way.