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Let’s Nibble – who are we?

If you are looking for a unique place for a romantic dinner or a meeting with friends, the Let’s Nibble restaurant in Fabryka Norblin is an excellent choice. We combine elegance with modern design, and we call the food we serve small works of art.

The restaurant is located in the historic Norblin Factory, which has been one of the symbols of Warsaw for years. It is a place where the past and the present merge into one, the Let’s Nibble restaurant fits perfectly into the atmosphere.

The kitchen at Let’s Nibble is pure experience and imagination. It is dominated by chefs with many years of experience, who prepare their dishes only from quality products. Each dish is a combination of flavours that harmonize with each other. The restaurant also offers a wide range of wines that perfectly match the dishes served.

The interior of Let’s Nibble is not only an elegant design, but also a friendly atmosphere. The restaurant has a calm vibe that allows you to relax and calm down after a hard day. It is an ideal place for a romantic dinner, but also a business meeting or a formal occasion.

If you want to feel like you’re in a place full of good energy in an aura of foodsharing, then Let’s Nibble is the place for you. The restaurant at the Norblin Factory is a place that will satisfy even the most demanding foodies.

Get surprised and get to know Let’s Nibble. Taste, nibble and share with your friends!