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New year, new chef, new Let’s Nibble!

As of January 10, Let’s Nibble has opened for you in a completely new format – with a new chef, a new vision and a new menu. One thing is certain, however – sharing is still our DNA, but now it goes to a whole new level of experiencing cuisine.

The new menu features top-quality fish, game, but also unconventional dishes for vegetarians. In addition to the food, you can count on excellent wine pairing provided by an on-site sommelier.

The entire menu has been built around the “you are what you eat” philosophy, which is extremely close to the heart of the new chef, Konrad Kowalski – a chef who has previously worked at Michelin-starred restaurants.

The new Let’s Nibble is all about quality and interesting offerings that will surprise you every time. This is something for those curious about unique combinations.

We invite you to join us!

Visit our Instagram to learn more about the new chef, the idea, the philosophy and the new menu.