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Seasonal: the taste and benefits of seasonal cuisine

Eating seasonally is not just a way to have a simple meal. It’s also a journey through the flavors and aromas that nature has to offer at any given time. It’s a culinary discovery of seasonal products that provide not only a unique taste experience, but also many health and environmental benefits.

Seasonal Treasures of Nature

Each season brings with it a variety of products that become available in the region. In spring we have juicy strawberries, tender asparagus and fresh lettuce. In summer, an abundance of fruits like raspberries, blueberries and cherries flourish. In autumn, we enjoy pumpkin, apples, and mushrooms. In winter, on the other hand, we can enjoy root vegetables, cabbage, and citrus.

Freshness and Taste
Eating seasonally is a guarantee of freshness. Seasonal produce is often harvested just before it is sold, so it retains its natural flavor and aroma. The taste of strawberries bought in June is completely different from those in December, which have to travel a long way in transportation. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are juicy, full of flavor and aroma, which makes them an excellent ingredient for dishes.

Nutritional Values
Seasonal products are rich in nutrients that are accretive to the season. For example, summer fruits provide vitamin C, which supports our immunity during the height of infections. And autumn-season vegetables, such as pumpkin and carrots, are full of vitamin A, which is beneficial for eyesight.

Organic Choice
Eating seasonally also has environmental benefits. Produce harvested in season requires less energy for storage and transportation, which means less CO2 emissions. Choosing local and seasonal products also supports local farmers and producers.

Supporting the Local Economy
Buying seasonal products also supports the local economy. We are helping farmers and producers, which has an impact on the economic stability of our region.

Eating seasonally is not just a fashionable trend, it’s a sensible and tasty approach to food. It’s tapping into nature’s bounty at the right time, which not only improves our diet, but also benefits the health of the planet and local communities. By choosing seasonal products, we can discover new flavors and aromas in the rhythm of the changing seasons, which makes eating a real pleasure for the palate.

All of the above arguments are very close to our hearts. That’s why you’ll find seasonal products on your plates at Let’s Nibble, where we perceive all that is good!